Silicone rubber products with its unique performance characteristics, widely used in a variety of articles in life. As one of the most common means of transportation, the automobile is mainly composed of metal sheet metal parts, but it also needs a large number of silicon rubber products to provide an indispensable role for its various components. Silicone rubber products play a major role in automobile dustproof, shockproof, waterproof and so on, providing a reliable protective wall for the service life and stability of various parts.

Scope of use of silicone rubber products in automobiles:

Automotive engine: turbocharger hose, filter check valve, sealing ring, O-ring, cooler sealing ring, seals, damping ring, sealing strip, engine support, engine cylinder head seal.

Automobile body: exhaust pipe suspension, shock and noise reduction components, dust cover, dust cover, wiper, diaphragm, lamp seal, airbag.

Automobile gearbox: viscous connector, sealing ring.

Automotive electronics: igniter, spark plug sheath, keys, ABS control system, ignition control system, sensor, wire harness seal.