Silicone protective cover is generally made of silicone, soft and elastic, often used to protect electronic digital products, to prevent accidental fall or wear. Silicone rubber cover is a familiar mobile phone case. Its soft texture, feel smooth, market sales for many years. Market share has always been priority, from the poorly made stall goods to the development of fine workmanship personalized brand. Because of its excellent cost performance, when MP3 and iPod were all the rage later, the silicone sleeve was popular, and was favored by a lot of people.

The role of silicone protective sleeve:

Protect your phone in case hard stuff bai leaves scratches on your phone’s screen or body.

Mobile phone overprint on all kinds of color, can play a hairdressing role.

Silicone sleeve can prevent nails and keys contact for too long and scratch, wear, protect the screen and keys.

Fourth, the silicone sleeve has anti-slip function.

The iPhone suit also has the effect of enhancing the signal, because some mobile phone suits can interfere with the signal by creating a magnetic field when they come into contact with metal.

What is the role of silicone protective sleeve? .png

Protect your phone when you accidentally drop it to prevent it from breaking.

Model mobile phone set, can dress up the mobile phone into a variety of personalized modeling.