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In many markets, hundreds of companies rely on Bright to provide superior silicone,rubber products and services to support their success. We understand your business as ours, so wecan provide application, material and assembly assistance when needed. And, make sureour products meet or exceed OEM performance and material specifications for safety and efficiency.

we specialize in assisting our customers in developing new products, as well as designing for manufacturability.

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Over 10 Years Of Experience, Application Areas include:

Our Case Show:

  • Extruded Sealing Strip Dongguan Bright Rubber
  • Black & Red Silicone Protective Case
  • White Silicone Protective Case
  • Silicone Protective Case yellow
  • Different-Color-Convex-Key
  • Laser Engraving Button Dongguan Bright Rubber
  • P+R Button Dongguan Bright Rubber
  • Epoxy Products Dongguan Bright Rubber
  • Epoxy Products Dongguan Bright Rubber
  • Silkscreen-Buttons Dongguan Bright Rubber

Test Your Ideas, Print Your Prototype

The First Step Toward Providing New And Unique Rubber Parts ls To Fully Understand YourNeeds. We First Review All Your Product Requirements With You – The Materials Required, How The Product ls Used, Total Volume, Minimum Order Requirements, And More.OurExperts Will Take This Information And Provide Recommendations Based On Decades oflndustry Experience.

Prototyping A Product Allows You To:

  • – Gather More Accurate Requirements That Reduce Rework Later In The Development Cycle.
  • -Technically Understand The Problem By Examining A Functional Prototype So That YouCan ldentify And Address Both The Foreseen And Unforeseen Technical Challenges.
  • – Settle Conflicts Concerning Difference Of Opinions By Helping Your Team To Better Understand The Product.


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