Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances in our a lot of families is no longer strange, although there are families are using traditional kitchen utensils and appliances, in fact, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, has now entered the us a lot of people’s life, but many people about this new products is very suspicious, so whether can safely use silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, the use of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances can benefit.

As a new kind of kitchen utensils, plastic kitchen utensils have the advantages of softness, non-harm and non-stick coating, so they are widely used in the world now. Compared with plastic kitchenware not heat-resisting, silicone rubber cooker can accept the high temperature of 200 ℃ and can stick to the original shape, the future of this new silicone rubber cooker is highly may replace traditional iron cooking utensils, accepted by customers from all over the world, in fact, the silica gel is a kind of synthetic rubber, silicon and carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements, silica gel is a work term. It also contains many categories. And silicon is a ubiquitous natural element, abundant in sand and rock, that we have access to all the time. In daily life, the nipple and pressure cooker seal ring used on baby bottles are attributed to silica gel products, but these are food grade silica gel

Silica gel kitchenware Without doubt the raw material used in this product is silica gel, and the main ingredient of silica gel is a natural ingredient in sand, stone and crystals. Silica gel is like the tempered glass people usually see, it does not contain toxic colorless odorless and does not dissolve water, strong alkali and sulfuric acid other solvents, its chemical properties are very stable, so silica gel kitchen utensils are very environmental protection and zero pollution.

Compared with other iron, stainless steel plate and porcelain kitchen utensils, silica gel kitchen utensils also have many very popular advantages. Silica gel is a kind of basal enzyme absorption raw material, it has high wear-resisting flexibility, corrosion resistance, temperature adaptability and high temperature resistance, so it is not easy to rust, heat, easy to break and other difficulties in the whole process of use.

In addition, silica gel kitchenware also has high temperature tolerance, so it can be used in daily life regardless of hot and cold beverage materials. And in the cold winter can also have the effect of heat insulation heat preservation, in addition to heat insulation heat preservation will not burn the application of human hands.

Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances related to ceramic, plastic, metal kitchen utensils, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances with temperature harmonious collaboration, in which food is cold is hot, can maintain the temperature of the food itself, cut down the changes of temperature and lost, in the silicone bowl over a period of time perhaps bowl of food also can stick to the original temperature, when use will not apply the passed to the corresponding temperature.